Get a Library Card In Person

For Adults and Young Adults (ages 13 and up)

To get a library card, please bring a piece of identification with your name and current address to one of our circulation desks and complete our library card application. For your convenience, our library card application [PDF] is also available to download, complete and print in advance of your visit. For more information about identification requirements, see the Minuteman Library Network’s Library Card Registration Policy. Your card will be issued immediately and may be used the same day at any Minuteman library. 

Please remember to bring your library card with you each time you visit. There is no charge for your initial library card, nor is there a charge for replacement cards.


We recommend waiting until your child's 5th birthday to get them their own library card, but every family is different! Children under the age of 12 may apply for a library card if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian with a piece of identification with their name and current address.

Names on Library Accounts

We acknowledge that many people use names that are different from the ones listed on their identification. On your registration form, please indicate the name you wish us to use and your legal name, if different. We’re happy to change the name on your existing account to the one you use - stop by any public service desk and we can update your record.

Expired Library Card?

The Minuteman Library Network will notify you if your library card is about to expire. To renew your library card, simply call or visit the library and confirm that the information on your account is correct. We will update your expiration date. No need to get a new card! Please let us know if your contact information has changed. 

Reset Your Password/PIN

Forgot your password/PIN? Reset it.

Get a Library Card Online

Not sure if you have a library card? Can't find your card? Please contact us before you register online.

You may register online to get a temporary Minuteman library card, valid for 6 months. Your temporary online card allows you to place requests and use some online resources. You must convert your online account to a full library account before borrowing materials. You may apply for a library card or convert an online account at any Minuteman library.

Request/Borrow Limits

For information about limits on requesting and borrowing items, see Minuteman Library Network's FAQs.


Library accounts are confidential. Please see our privacy policy.