Manage Your Library Account

Log into your Minuteman library account (My Account) to see when your items are due, place requests, and renew items or pay fines if necessary. You will need your password/PIN. To create or reset your password/PIN, contact us or follow the instructions on the My Account login page. For more information, visit the Minuteman Help Center.

You can also use the Minuteman Mobile App to manage your account, search the catalog, and check out items with your mobile device.

Your account may be blocked temporarily for the following reasons: 

  • Your account has expired. To update your expiration date, call (781) 862-6288 or visit the Library to verify your contact information.
  • You have $100.00 or more in fines or other fees on your account.
  • You have an item that is 4 or more weeks overdue. You will be billed for the replacement cost of long-overdue items. Bills will be removed once the items are returned.


Items will automatically renew two days before the due date if they are eligible for renewal at that time. If you receive email notifications, you will get a courtesy email telling you which items have automatically renewed and which are due soon. 

You can also renew items in My Account, the Minuteman mobile app, or via text message with Text Message Notices

Loan Periods

  • New Adult Books: Loan period 2 weeks, 2 renewals
  • Read it Now Books: Loan period 2 weeks, no renewals
  • Books/Audiobooks/CDs: Loan period 3 weeks, 2 renewals
  • Adult Magazines: Loan period 1 week, 2 renewals
  • Children’s Magazines: Loan period. 3 weeks, 2 renewals
  • DVDs: Loan period 1 week, 2 renewals
  • See it Now DVDs: Loan period 1 week, no renewals
  • DVDs - TV Series: Loan period 2 weeks, 2 renewals
  • DVDs - Lecture Series: Loan period 3 weeks, 2 renewals
  • Library of Things: Loan period 2 weeks, 2 renewals
  • In-Library Use Items: Loan period 3 hours, no renewals 

Fines for Overdue Items

Most items checked out at Cary Library are fine-free, with the exception of Library of Things items. You will still be responsible for replacement fees for lost or damaged items, as well as overdue fines on items checked out at other libraries. You will be billed for the replacement cost of items that are 4 or more weeks overdue. These bills will be removed as soon as the items are returned.

Library of Things items

  • Overdue fine: $1.00 per day  
  • Maximum overdue fine: $5.00

Fees for Replacement Items

  • Magazines: $5.00
  • Single disc from an audio book if available: $10.00
  • Bag from a book & CD set: $5.00
  • Museum Pass: $10.00
  • Zipper bag for Museum Pass: $10.00

Replacement fees for all other materials vary according to the purchase price.

We regret that in some cases the library is unable to accept replacement materials purchased by patrons.  Please speak with Library staff before purchasing any replacement materials.

Fees for Printing

You may print up to 10 black & white pages per day for free. Additional black & white pages are $0.10 each. All color print jobs cost $0.25 per page.


Cary Library Map

Items from Minuteman libraries may be returned at any library within the Minuteman Library Network unless otherwise noted. View a complete list of member libraries here. Commonwealth Catalog and Interlibrary Loan items from outside Minuteman must be returned to the library where they were picked up. 

Our two book drops, located at the front and rear entrances, are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Most items (including DVDs, CDs, etc.) may be returned in the book drops unless otherwise noted.

  • Library of Things items must be returned to the Main Desk. 
  • Children's Learning Kits must be returned to the Children's Room.