Feeling Crafty?Bored? Looking for something fun to do? 

Try one of these fun craft projects!  They are great for quiet time, but also for quality parent bonding time.

Why crafts?

Crafts improve fine motor skills, increase dexterity, hand-to-eye coordination, retention of muscle memory, and have proven to speed up children’s ability to do things on their own.

Crafts improve critical thinking skills. They allow children to make their own decisions and evaluate them, allow them to think outside the box and create endless possibilities for children to create, implement, and change.

Crafts help with literacy skills. Crafts encourage storytelling  - ask your child to tell you about what they made, or why they made a certain choice. When following directions, children develop listening and comprehension skills and learn new vocabulary.

Crafts include math!  Color and shape recognition. Measuring. Counting and sorting supplies. Craft activities help build those foundational math skills for young children. Also math requires good thinking and problem solving skills – which you gain with arts and crafts!

Try your hand at these crafts: