Come one, come all, to the Fairy Tale Ball.


Friday, April 12, 2024

5:00-6:00 PM

Sensory Friendly Fairy Tale Ball *registration required

The Sensory Friendly Fairy Tall Ball is designed to make our traditional Fairy Tale Ball more accessible to children who have sensory needs or other disabilities that may make navigating the full ball challenging or not possible.

(read our social story about the Sensory Friendly Ball [PDF])

6:00-8:00 PM

General Admission *No registration required

Come dance and play the night away!

Costumes encouraged (but not required) – but please leave any weapons at home.



Games & Activities:

The Ball

Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt

4 Craft stations


Meet our special guests!

Finale Sing Alongs


Youth with flowers in their hair peeks out of a cardboard cutout of a pumpkin carriage. Alissa (as Maleficent) is in between two children in fairy tale costumes. Costumed princess kneels down to greet a child (in costume) and adult.Costumed librarian reads a fairy tale to a bunch of costumed children and adults. Costumed princess talks to a child in a dress in front of many costumed adults and children. Cary Library staff all dressed in costumes gather for the Fairy Tale Ball 2022.

Giant wizard towers over an adult holding a child. Two people in costume wave hello. Two costumed people dance with a giant wizard towering behind them. Three young children dressed as princesses stand in background as one young child dressed as a princess kneels in front of them.


Thank you!

Thank you to our Event Sponsor Cary Memorial Library Foundation

Thank you to Kate DeAngelis, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for the Town Of Lexington and her team for their assistance with our Sensory Friendly Fairy Tale Ball

And to the following groups for providing assistance and entertainment at tonight’s event:

Cary Memorial Library Foundation
Friends of Cary Library
Miracle Fish Puppets
Spark A Dream Princess Parties
Platinum Productions
Cary Library Teen Volunteers