Carybokaflod Dec 4-6, 2023


A Celebration of Cozy Reading!

December 4-6, 2023

MONDAY, 12/4

  • Warm drinks and cookies (while supplies last) starting at 5:30 PM | Cary Commons
  • Local Author Storytime: Zeba McGibbon 6:00 PM | Large Meeting Room
  • Literary Café welcomes Adrienne Brodeur & Nancy Crochiere 7:00 PM | Living Room & Virtual


  • Crafts for Adults 6:30 PM| Cary Commons
  • Reader’s Roundtable 7:00 PM | Living Room (Registration Required)
  • LEGO® Block Party, families ages 2-102, 7:00-8:00 PM | Large Meeting Room


  • Drop-in Knitting 6:30-8:00 PM | Genealogy Room
  • Music in the Library: ImproVisions Jazz with Michael Arnowitt and Clyde Stats 7:00 PM | Large Meeting Room


Inspired by Jolabokafloð, an Icelandic holiday tradition, Carybokafloð [Cary-bo-kah-flawed] celebrates all things cozy, seasonal and book-related.

A Short History of Jolabokafloð & Carybokafloð

Cary Library was motivated by the warm ambiance of the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokafloð, [YO-la-BO-kah-flawed], Yule book flood, to create our own winter tradition in Lexington.

During November, each Icelandic household receives a catalog of book titles published that year. It’s a time of selecting and giving books to family and friends, attending book readings and listening to author interviews. Then comes cozying up with warm drinks and appealing foods, perhaps by a fire, for hours of comfy reading.

This tradition dates to World War II, when many items were rationed or in short supply. But not paper! Book writing and book reading flourished, and today 1 in 10 Icelanders publishes their own book.

Cary Library takes this beloved tradition and makes it into something unique among our many celebrations. As the weather grows cold and the darkness lengthens, come to the library and enjoy an evening of calm renewal. Hot chocolate, crafts for all ages, music, flickering candlelight, and of course, book reading, book recommendations, and book talk!

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