What’s new with Study Room reservations:

  • Maximum of two sessions per day, each session may be up to two hours.
  • Valid MLN library card required. Please present the library card used to make your reservation to check out your room key.
  • Unclaimed reservations are void after 15 minutes
  • Study rooms close at 8:45 PM (Mon-Thu), 4:45 PM (Fri-Sun)
  • Headphones or headsets must be used by patrons taking phone calls and using electronic devices with audio (laptops, cell phones, etc.) in study rooms.

Patrons with a valid Minuteman Library Network card may make reservations through our online booking software to use one of 5 study rooms at Cary Library.

Access to the online system is available through our website with patron’s own devices (computers, tablets and smartphones) or through two reservation kiosks in the library.

Before booking a room, please read our Study Room Policy.

Upon arrival at the library, please come to the main desk to check out your room key.